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Offering fantastic visibility down to 40m, the bright blue waters reveal sculpture-like reefs, shimmering clusters of colourful sea life and sunken World War Two relics.

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In this underwater museum, sightseeing doesn’t get much better than this. And you’ll soon discover why Malta is one of the world’s top three diving destinations.

Whatever depth you’re comfortable with, the three islands – Malta, Gozo and tiny Comino - offer a magnificent variety of challenges. These include the beautiful Santa Maria Caves in Comino, where sheltered pockets of the craggy coastline range from 10-15m in depth, to the advanced 70m dive to HMS Southwold just off the east coast of Malta. This Royal Navy destroyer was blown in two in 1942.

The shipwrecks clearly offer some of the most intriguing spots in the Maltese waters with more than 20 high quality sites to explore. There’s something rather exciting, if not slightly haunting about finding your way through the silent waters to vessels whose last moments were probably met with a flurry of desperation and panic. The irony being that now these static sea fossils remain sedated, calm and docile – many intact, all captivating.

To the south of Comino on the island of Malta itself, you’ll find the popular dive of Rozi wreck at 35m. Less experienced divers might find the Tug Boat Rozi Wreck a little challenging, but this middle-range dive is merely proof that the spectrum of difficulty is spread densely and evenly, making the waters accessible to everyone. There’s plenty, almost too many, staggering spots to explore in between the three islands.
The joy of Malta is that it is not only blessed with astounding diving conditions but also highly praised diving schools. With nearly 50 schools offering superb facilities - some racking up equally impressive accolades - if you’re planning on diving in Malta, rest assured you’ll enjoy a safe, friendly experience through long-established expertise.

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