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October to mid-May is the ideal period for exploring the intriguing islands of Malta and Gozo on foot.

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Once the first rain falls after the long, hot summer, the dry landscape transforms dramatically; lush green vegetation flourishes and, as a result, the air is filled with heady scents.

Just one fifth of Malta is urbanised – the rest is characterised by rubble walls wrapped around fields of green and winding country dirt tracks reaching through the rolling countryside and grasping at yet more quiet openings. This astonishing emblem of untouched beauty continues to captivate walkers as it moves them through Malta’s delicate history.

The Malta Goes Rural initiative has dedicated its cause to some of the most spectacular hiking routes the islands have to offer. Begin your walk on the agricultural Bahrija Walk that measures just over eight miles and consists of scattered farmhouses, valleys surrounded by hilly climbs, and the domed bell tower of Mtahleb Church that looks across the sea and out to the crisp blue horizon.

Other highlights include: the mysterious cart ruts of Girgenti Walk, the natural water courses of the Wied Babu valley along Maqluba Walk, the ancient temple on Tas-Silġ’s Walk and the architectural wonders seen on Watchtowers Walk and Windmills Walk.

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