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No matter where you are in the world, a decent cup of coffee goes a long way to setting the tone for your day. The AeroPress on test is a portable coffee maker that produces quality java with minimal fuss.

Best for...
Anyone looking for super tasty coffee easily brewed on the move.
Overall Score
The Aeropress is a lightweight, affordable, and simple coffee maker that takes up minimal space in your luggage
Be sure not to wrinkle the filter paper or you'll make an almighty mess!

Fancy baristas, extortionate coffee machines and overpriced gingerbread latte macchiatos. If you're anything like us you'll find the current coffee 'scene' somewhat confusing and to be frank, just a touch too far up its own backside.

Whilst we obviously appreciate a decent cup of coffee, it can be hard to come across a Costa/Starbucks/Caffe Nero/Hipster Coffee Hub (other coffee shops are available) when you're on a multi-day bike ride anyway so you have to take matters into your own espresso shaped hands.

If you're happy to resign yourself to a series of underwhelming instant coffee experiences when camping out then we'll respect your choice but if you're open to alternatives then let us introduce you a little piece of brilliance - the AeroPress coffee maker.

Easy to use and easy to carry, the AeroPress is the perfect accessory for coffee-lovers on the move - and most importantly, it produces a really, really good cup of coffee. So good in fact that we use it all the time, even when we're at home!

Whack a filter in the cap, twist the cap onto the chamber, pop the chamber on top of a mug, put a scoop of coffee in the chamber, fill up with hot water, insert the plunger et voila - excellent coffee with minimal fuss.

In addition to the main unit, the AeroPress box comes with numerous useful components such as a filter holder, funnel, stirrer and spoon which can easily be left behind if luggage space is at a premium. All you really need is the coffee maker itself and however many micro filters you might need for your trip (the box comes with 350 filters to get you up and running).

We've used the AeroPress coffee maker on every bike trip we've undertaken in the last few years and have been seriously impressed. The only problem we've encountered with the AeroPress has been as a result of user error when we've accidently wrinkled the filters when putting them into the cap, resulting in an overflow of black, grainy liquid and more than a few toddler-esque tantrums!

Other than that, this is a seriously good bit of kit that should be on every cycle tourer and/or bikepacker's wish list. At £29.99, it's an absolute steal - go get it!


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