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A good handlebar bag is a difficult thing to come by, does the Altura Orkney tick all the right boxes? We review it here.

altura orkney bar bag
Overall Score
Useful space inside
Slightly flaky map holder

The Orkney is Alturas top of the range bar bag offering coming in at a hefty £65, does it warrant that steep price tag?

The bag comes with Rixen and Kraul's Klickfix system which is straightforward to attach to your handlebars using either the normal or oversized handlebar clips provided. They don't provide any rubber protectors with these so it's worth wrapping some bar tape around the areas you intent to fix it to prior to fitting.

Once attached the Orkney bag clips on and off the bike without any fuss. As with most other bar bags there's now nowhere to put your front light, which is an incredible oversight on the part of the designers.

Rixen and Kaul offer an adapter for the Klickfix system which adds two risers to the original clip with a horizontal handlebar like attachment on top, this can then be used to attach lights and devices to. We're yet to try this adapter but in true Heath Robinson style have managed to lash a light to the front of the bag using a luggage strap.

The detachable map holder is a nice addition, our only complaint is that it doesn't appear to be secured down particularly well at the back.

Altura have taken a belt and braces approach to attaching the front of the map holder, utilising a long strip of velco and two poppers but the back of the map holder gets a measly 5cm strip of Velcro - not quite enough to stop it flapping about in the wind.

Inside the bag the four different sized pockets are suitable for anything from phones to multi-tools. The capacity of the main compartment is 7L so a useful amount of space.

Dryline construction keeps water well and truly out of the main compartment but the removable front pocket is susceptible to a soaking so take care with what you choose to store in there.

The removable shoulder strap gives you the option of taking the bar bag with you when you leave the bike, this is a rudimentary system which works well enough for short strolls around towns.

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