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We put Altura's Vortex Seatpack to the test, to see how stable and versatile this bike packing solution can be

altura vortex seatpack
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Roll top rear closure means size can be adapted to your load

As every bike we've ever ridden has a saddle, we can't think of any bike that the waterproof Vortex won't fit. In fact, the only bike that it might go on is one with no seat post showing above the frame - because that is the Vortex's main attachment point, via a broad, long Velcro strap. If this is the case you're probably riding a bike that is way too big for you anyway.

Not only can the Vortex be adapted to almost any bike but it will fit most rides too, with the roll-top main rear closure allowing your to shrink or enlarge it depending on how much you want to cram in. Once closed by the two side buckles, the pack can be further compacted and stabilised by tightening the side straps - including the pair of buckles, which hold a strap around the rails of your saddle.

Out of the wind behind your saddle you hardly notice the Vortex is there, with its aerodynamic efficiency helped by its conical shape.

The Seatpack holds its shape well thanks to side inserts, well-cut panels and the tough glued seams, although if works best if filled out, giving you something to tighten the straps down on and hold it in place.

There are attachment points all over for clipping things like LED rear lights and cargo nets, and high-visibility detailing, logos and buckles for night riding.

The weight limit is a decent 2kg, including the 260g weight of the pack itself, and capacity is 12 litres.

An excellent, tough, versatile and lightweight bike packing solution.



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