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A travellers' sun hat is a highly personal item, and one that can be tricky to find; our review of the Amazonas Wide Brim Tarp Hat may just end your search

amazonas original tarphat web
Best for...
Anyone in hot climates, or sensitive to the sun
Overall Score
Incredible useability, comfort and protection

Amazonas appear to sell their Tarp Hat range on the basis of rugged authenticity - and quite rightly so. But the hats have so much more going for them.

Firstly, they are made from the retired tarpaulins that cover trucks travelling the dirt roads of Brazil. Rugged authenticity; check. Recycling kudos; check. 50 pence from your purchase going towards supplying fresh drinking water to villages in the Amazon; check. There are even varying degrees of ruggedness available - some with banana company livery print still visible for example, and an 'Extreme Patch' option, which is made from the most abused tarps available and patched up into hat form.

For travellers there are several further benefits; the hat can be squashed into a suitcase without ruining its shape. Not a common feature of a shapely hat, but one that is essential for journeying to hotter climes. And that is where it comes into its own; the Tarp Hat material is very light and airy once on the head, and offers excellent sun protection without much build up of heat. It also uses a very pleasant interior band which strikes a perfect balance of securely fitting without becoming too tight over time.

Given that leading hat brands can't necessarily offer these features even at a £70 price point - and certainly can't match the cowboy-hat-cool - the Tarp Hat's £32 tag is remarkable.

Probably the best travel hat we've ever tested.


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