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We review the Biknd Jetpack bike bag with inflatable airbags inside!

biknd jetpack
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A quick Google search will reveal any number of forum discussions about the foibles of taking your bike on a plane.

The Biknd Jetpack might just provide the answers to some of the most common problems.

The name 'Jetpack' evokes images of a superhero flying through the sky on military grade advanced thrusters. Although not quite as advanced as all that the Jetpack certainly delivers on the design and features front.

The first thing you notice is the small size of the pre-bike package, folded up it can easily be stowed in the corner of a garage, under a bed or in a wardrobe unlike some of the larger hard cases on test. It's most definitely not small enough to stow anywhere but in a hotel room when you arrive at your destination so still falls into the hotel cycling holiday category rather than the cycle touring category.

Obviously you would expect a soft material to afford less protection to your pride and joy which is where Biknd have thought outside the box (no pun intended!). Each wheel is protected by an inflatable rubber ring, much like that found at your local swimming pool, on one side and a padded cover on the other side. These sit either side of the bike frame thus protecting both the wheels and frame at the same time.

The bikes frame is kept secure within the bag by an adjustable aluminium frame which you attach your front and rear forks to. A variety of fitments are provided with the Jetpack for different diameters of axle and adjustments can be made to suit anything from a taught road racer to a full suspension mountain bike. This system keeps the fork arms safe and ensures that the fragile front cog and rear derailleur are kept a safe distance from the bottom of the bag, which incidentally is heavily padded and has a serious looking metal bar running along the length of it.

Biknd have even been thoughtful enough to provide a way to attach your handlebar to the top tube whilst simultaneously adding extra protection to the frame of the bike with a padded cover.

The final link in the chain of protection comes in the form of a chunky foam triangle which attaches to the side of the bag closest to the derailleur thus protecting it from damage although Biknd still recommend that you remove the rear derailleur and attach it safely to the frame before transporting.

With the bike secured on its frame and wedged between the rubber rings the bag feels like a safe option, even when pitted against heavy handed baggage handlers.

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