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In test, the Blackburn Barrier Rear pannier proved to be a robust waterproof carrying system, as at home on your daily commute, as it is on a multi-day cycle tour.

blackburn barrier pannier
Overall Score
Dry-bag style ‘roll down top’ closing system
Single-area storage

The Blackburn Rear Pannier has a whopping 20 litre capacity and is totally waterproof, as it has a dry-bag style ‘roll down top’ closing system, and is constructed from a super-tough vinyl.

Other than a zipped exterior pocket, handy for a map or stuffing a jacket/layer into, this a simple, large, single-area storage pannier, making it easy to pack but somewhat annoying when looking for things towards the bottom of the pannier, as well as when rolling shut, as it tends to fill with air - as do all dry-bags.

 The forward and rear facing sides both have a transparent window, with a small internal pocket -great for placing a slim LED light into.

The clips for fixing the pannier to the bike are single pieces of plastic that snap into place; these are stiff when attaching and removing the bag, but at least you know once it’s in place, it’s not going to fall off.

The Blackburn Rear Pannier is almost identical to the Blackburn Universal, which is designed to work on both the front and rear rack; the Universal has an integrated bungee, and is slightly smaller at 17 litres.

A durable weather proof pannier, to aid any short or long haul bike trip.

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