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A general use backpack with a big focus on its comfort and venting-centric back system, the Deuter Futura 28 could be the all-round travel companion you've been looking for. Our review finds out more.

deuter futura
Overall Score
Superb hip pads offering top-end comfort and support
Not quite as spacious within as the 28litre capacity implies

Deuter claims the Futura 28 is suitable for 'day hikes, office or shopping tours' and boasts that it bears a 'clean and athletic' look. It certainly offers a lot of thoughtful and impressive features, but its main selling point is its Aircomfort FlexLite ventilation system. If you're looking for a backpack to use in your everyday life and all your other outdoor endeavours too, it could be well worth a look.

Let's start with that back support system, as it's definitely the Futura 28's main selling point. It comes via a very rigid bit of metalwork, which holds a taut bit of rugged mesh, pleasingly padded shoulder straps and luxuriously enveloping hip fins in place. The body of the bag is separated from the stiff mesh by a space about the width of a fist. We've not seen a bag, which will get more airflow to your back while still being worn, and it's extremely comfy when in use - transmitting a feeling of being locked in place that few competitors can rival.

The cost for this is its weight of 1,180g. This is considerably heavier than other bags of a 28-litre capacity. No great downside if you're not the kind of person to count grammes, but noticeable if you're used to a lighter build in your 20-something litre day sack. However, we'd say that the level of support from the back system is ample compensation.

The features are strong, with four compression straps, side stretch wand pockets, four compression straps and some handy walking pole holders which all work effectively. There's also an included rain cover and it's compatible with a hydration bladder thanks to a big inner pouch against the bag's bag. As it's separated from your back by such a huge divide we found the water stayed pleasingly cool compared to competing bags.

The main storage is good. It comes via a single large compartment which you can use as it is or divide into two (with access via the outer bottom of the bag) to carry a sleeping bag or wet kit in the lower section. There's also a quick access pouch on the outer top about the size of a splayed hand.

The Futura is technically a mens' specific model although unisex use is possible. The nearest female-specific equivalent is the Futura 20SL.

In conclusion: If you're willing to accept the slightly beefy weight rating you'll find the Futura 28 to be extremely comfy, very well ventilated and with features to help with life on the commute and in the hills too. Its looks and styling aren't too technical, but that's part of its appeal.

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