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We take Goal Zero's Venture 70 out to see how well it stands up to the demands of modern off-grid charging.

goal zero venture
Best for...
Multi-day off grid adventures
Overall Score
Pretty much bombproof
No USB-C cable

In a world where off grid adventures are becoming ever more popular, but so too are power hungry devices, Goal Zero's Venture 70 stands out for its multi-charge capacity.

A massive 17,700mAh is enough to fully charge your average smartphone 5-6 times and a headlamp 10-20 times, making this an off-grid option for multiple days. It's no lightweight though, so if you're heading for a quick overnight bivvy then the Venture 70 is overkill, there are much smaller and lighter options available which, predictably have less capacity but do the job.

Operation is super simple via a single button and there's also a handy five LED charge indicator which doubles as a torch operated from the same button - perhaps a bit gimmicky but it could be useful in an emergency.

Charging is out of two high output, 2.4A USB ports. Having two ports is great for powering up multiple devices simultaneously rather than having to laboriously cycle through them, and the high output ensures power hungry tablets can get their juice quickly.

In a very clever move Goal Zero have included dinky little lightning and micro USB cables clipped in to the sides of the device so you're never without them, what's not so clever is not catering for modern Android phones with USB-C connections, but to be fair you can just pack a small adaptor or dedicated cable.

On the outside the Venture 70 is seriously robust, with a fully rugged case detailed with 'easy to spot in the undergrowth' yellow accents. It has an IPX (Ingress Protection) rating of 67, so you could safely take it into a desert and then submerge it under a metre of water for up to 30 minutes without fear of damage.

Being water and dust proof as well as rugged makes this a great camping companion for anything from a few days to a week away. Add a solar panel (like the Nomad 7 Plus) and you're good to go for longer hiking and cycling expeditions. And this is perhaps where the Venture 70 comes into its own and justifies its undeniably high price tag. If you want rugged dependability, and lets face it that's pretty much vital on a longer tour, then you're going to have to stump up the cash.

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