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This super neat little LED light is the perfect addition to any vlogger's or travel photographer’s kit bag.

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Anyone wanting to up their travel vlogging game
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Just what you want when you're travelling light
Expensive for what it is

Although very compact, easily fitting into the palm of the hand, the Beamo kicks out a whopping 1500 lumens of video/photo friendly light on the highest setting.

The intensity can be dialed down in notches at the press of a button, or continuously through the clever app, but we find that in a light this small the highest setting is what we most commonly use.

And at that setting we have been getting 40 minutes of run time. At 50% power this is upped to around 100 minutes which is plenty to take you between charges.

We love the fact that the Beamo can be wirelessly charged, it sometimes feels like death by cables when you’re into photography and video, so it's a relief to have one less cable to to worry about.

The Beamo emits 5100k light, which is reminiscent of daylight, but this can still seem quite harsh and benefits from the silicone diffuser which is included in the pack. This softens the light for a more natural look and also doubles as a very robust protective cover for the front of the light.

The cube shape lends itself well to mounting on mini tripods and cameras as well as accessorizing further with other lights, mics etc. thanks to double cold shoe mounts. This cube shape also feels like it increases durability and the casing is solid in feel.

As a result you never feel afraid to bash the Beamo about or get it wet as it’s waterproof to 30m.

If you're into travel photography and vlogging but like to pack light then the Beamo is a handy accessory to have.

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