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We review Lowepro's Droneguard CS 150, could it be the perfect case for travelling with your Mavic?

Best for...
Travelling with your drone
Overall Score
Excellent storage and protection in a small package

Think of the CS150 as the packing cube of the drone world, specially made to snugly fit a Mavic Pro and vital accessories inside. On the outside there's just a single grab handle, if you're questioning the usefulness of this you might be missing the point - the Droneguard CS 150 is best used as a case inside a case. Examples of this would be when you're travelling with just a carry-on or if you want to hike with your drone inside your normal backpack.

The outside is a compression moulded formshell, it's semi-rigid so offers excellent protection for the kit inside. Unzip the clamshell opening and like any good case the compartments are customisable by simply peeling and re-sticking the Velcro wherever suits. The way it's set up out of the box is ideal though, with space for a Mavic Pro down one side (we've also tested with a Mavic 2 and it fits just as well) and controller and cables or extra battery the other side.

Lowepro Droneguard CS150 open rotate.jpg

A foam block in the controller compartment ensures that control sticks don't get crushed, altogether making for a pretty bulletproof case considering the small initial outlay. You can carry a set of spare props and further cables in the elasticated straps under the lid to complete your portable travel setup of drone, controller, spare battery, props and cables, all in a ridiculously small 19.5 x 12 x 23cm.

Overall a superb option for travelling with your Mavic.

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