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Lowepro have created a range of travel organisers and packing cases specifically for travelling photographers; we took the Gear Up Creator Box for a trip in the Large size.

lowepro gearup creator
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Photographers looking for a packing solution, which functions as much more
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Brilliant versatility

The Gear Up range includes all manner of pouches, organisers, cases etc., and boasts innovative ideas throughout. But when it comes to organising one's packing, putting a bag within a bag can often be counter productive. To get around that, the organiser bag needs to be doing some extra work, or else it's just extra weight.

Something about the Creator Box caught our attention, namely that it can double as a top-loading shoulder bag once on location (users of pro-sized DSLRs might want to size up to the XL option). This makes it a great option for the travel photographer who doesn't want to carry a large carry-on-type rucksack around in the evenings for example. And it also boasts a bit more capacity than the average toploader, making it ideal for a few extra personal items (oversized hotel keyrings in particular!) It should be noted, the Creator Box doesn't come with a shoulder strap but most photographers will no doubt have many from other bags!

Another benefit of the Creator Box system is that it can turn any rucksack into a camera bag - albeit without the easy access elements that come with most Lowepro packs.

To make our Creator Box L really work for us, we tried replacing the camera insert in our Powder Backpack with two Creator Boxes. The boxes fit very well back-to-back, and although this makes it more tricky to access the contents, it does make for a genuinely versatile range of carry options once on location.

Considering the Large sized creator box is perfectly sized for a DJI Mavic Pro, or a decent sized mirrorless system, including a couple of prime lenses (and with pockets for smaller accessories such as SD cards, filters etc.), this product appears to have hit the sweet spot for the modern, travelling photographer and film maker.

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