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As the old adage goes, buy cheap buy twice, or just buy the ProLight Reloader Tough 55 from Manfrotto once and be done with it.

manfrotto prolight reloader tough
Best for...
Photographers who love to travel
Overall Score
Excellent build quality
Extendable handle takes a good yank to extend

Manfrotto's new travel friendly hard case, the ProLight Reloader Tough-55 offers solid protection for your DSLR and accessories in a carry-on sized package. Striking a balance between protection and weight isn't easy, but Manfrotto have won this battle, offering up military grade plastics and IP67 dust and water ingress protection in a case that weighs 4.45kg (low hood version). Submerged in water up to 1m deep the ProLight Reloader will stay leak free for up to 30 minutes, hopefully this will never happen to you, but in practical terms you don't have to worry about a bit of rain or dust! Because of the sealed design the Reloader Tough has a pressure release valve ensuring that you don't arrive at your destination with shattered lenses.

Inside, modular dividers allow for a complete custom set up depending on your kit, it's a very simple system with Velcro dividers. The only downside to this versus foam is that there's no depth control so smaller items like mini tripods can move around. You can remedy this by cutting foam inserts for the dividers so it's no big deal. Space inside is enough for a week's worth of travel photography kit, as an example the Reloader Tough can carry a DSLR and lens, spare body and 4-5 additional lenses. Our set up includes a Mavic Pro drone, DSLR and lenses and the ProLight Reloader works just fine for this. As an added bonus Manfrotto supply a holster with the Reloader, allowing you to lash a tripod to the side of the case.


Travel friendly features include locking latches which close with a satisfying and reassuring clunk flanked by metal reinforced eyelets. You can slip a chunky padlock or wire lock through these, securing the case against opportunist thieves in case you are checking the Reloader Tough into the hold. The wheels are super smooth rolling along airport gangways and urban streets but take them into the rough stuff and they don't fare so well. This is where the side grab handle comes in. Although it isn't padded it's still comfortable to hold and the weight feels well balanced.

Overall a compelling alternative to the Peli 1510 at a similar price point. A great buy for any travel obsessed photographer looking for solid protection for their kit, in a carry-on sized package.

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