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A super light body pack with a capacity of just six litres, the Batpack 6 includes two water bottles in its bespoke holders and is aimed at fell runners on endurance events. But does its appeal extend to walkers too?

montane batpack
Overall Score
Unobtrusively ideal for mini adventures or fast, light challenges
You have to own lightweight, compressible kit to get any use out of it

Montane describes the Batpack 6 as a 'portable feed checkpoint and hydration station' designed to 'remain securely fixed no matter how fast you move.' It's 100 per cent aimed at fell runners and those looking to move quickly whilst carrying the absolute bare minimum of kit. But we've used it as a super lightweight walking pack too (it weighs just 350g), and think it shouldn't be discounted for general walking use.

That's because, although its capacity is just six litres, that is enough to fit in a lightweight, compressible shell jacket, a map, a compass and a small amount of food. When you're out walking on approachable, safe terrain or it's just a small trip out into all but guaranteed benign conditions... then that could be all you need.

Don't forget too that the Batpack 6 comes with two matching water bottles, which lock in securely on either side of the main body. They proved immovable during our testing, no matter how full - or not full - they were, and allowed us to carry enough water for a hot summer's walk without the need for a pack covering our (sweaty) back. Remove them and it's not possible to store anything else in their place, but that was a compromise we were willing to accept.

The look, of course, may put some walkers off choosing the Batpack 6 - as it clearly screams 'hardcore nutter' to anyone else you'll see out on gentle paths. But get beyond this potential embarrassment and it's appealing to travel only with the bare minimum of items you might require.

The build and design is typically light yet effective, as we'd expect from Montane. There are two storage pouches, the main one comprising the bulk of the six litres, with the smaller outer pocket being suitable for the smallest of items, such as keys. The ribbed back/hip pad worked fairly well for air venting and is easy to recommend for comfort. The easily tensioned waist harness guaranteed a confidence inspiring fit during our testing too.

The Batpack is undoubtedly a great choice for fell runners and other hardcore enthusiasts... but we'd rate it as a bare bones daypack too. Think of it as a suped-up bum bag and you're on the right page. For the most approachable of mini adventures there's enough capacity here to take the absolute essentials (but no more) without troubling your back and shoulders.

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