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Is that a mini Ortlieb Back Roller or is it a first aid kit? It's both, we review it here.
ortlieb waterproof first aid kit
Best for...
Extended cycle touring trips
Overall Score
Looks like a mini Back Roller pannier
Limited contents

Ortlieb know a thing or two about making bags and they've applied that knowledge in miniature form with the case for their waterproof first aid kit. Just like the incredibly popular Back Roller panniers this bag is IP64 waterproof which is one of the higher waterproof ratings. It even has the classic pannier roll top closure which gives you quick and easy access to the contents inside.

What's inside is basic at best but serves as a starting point for you to customise your first aid kit to your intended location and duration of trip. There's enough space for the essentials plus a bit, without resulting in a bulky and weighty package.

The handy fixing straps and belt loop allows you to strap the kit to your bike, your luggage or even yourself and at a mere £20 we think it's well worth the investment to have something with such serious intentions that makes you smile.

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