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Feeling dirty and smelly on your multi-day hike or cycle? So were we which is why we were very happy to try out the Pits & Bits wash kit.
pits bits wash kit
Best for...
Anyone that likes to venture out on multi-day trips sans hotel
Overall Score
Simple and effective
Wipes need a lot of liquid to expand

Staying clean and pong free on multi-day wild cycling adventures can often mean enduring a clammy 'wet wipe wash' that leaves you feeling far from clean. We were glad then when this little kit from local company Pits & Bits landed on our desk, promising to banish the grime in a much more sophisticated and effective way. This particular kit is labelled as a festival wash kit but don't be put off, it contains exactly what you need for wild camps including body wash and shampoo, both of which require no water to work.

All that's required to have what feels like a 'proper' wash is a small towel, we recommend the highly packable Packtowl range, to towel off the liquid after applying. The Shampoo works in the same way, making this kit ideal for preserving water, as well as leaving no trace.

If you don't carry a towel there are two wipes included with the kit, these are shrunk to the size of a £1 coin, simply add water or body wash to watch them magically unravel into a large cloth, perfect for giving you, or your gear a good wipe down.

We felt pretty smug pulling this kit out at the end of a long day bikepacking, while others had to fester we felt clean and refreshed.

Overall a great little kit that takes up very little space or weight and amplifies your camp comfort by a hundred.

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