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Alf Alderson reviews the superbly crafted Poc Trabec mountain bike helmet

poc trabec
Great build quality
Pretty bulky and sits high on your head


One look at the Trabec and you can see that it’s serious about the business of keeping your head safe – it’s much bigger and bulkier than your average cycle helmet although that doesn’t come with a massive weight penalty (weight is 340g).

The Trabec is aimed at single track and enduro riders so it doesn’t have the kind of ventilation you’ll find in more XC-oriented lids, although there are still 16 vents.

The construction is apparently similar to the trabecular bone structure of your head (whatever that means), but it apparently ensures excellent resistance and durability in the event of a prang; this is aided further by the inner EPS core, reinforced with aramid filaments, which is both tough and resilient.

Add to that a sturdy outer PC shell constructed with the seams located in the areas of least exposure and the Trabec definitely inspires confidence in its ability to protect your bonce.

In use the the fit is designed to be around the head rather than on top for better protection, although it does appear to perch high on your head from a visual point of view. The adjustment system works efficiently and easily and gives a really secure fit before you’ve even fastened the chin strap, and there a detachable visor that blends nicely into the outline of the helmet.

You also get extra fit-pads and a helmet cover with the Trabec.

Despite the confidence inspiring build I found the Trabec to be rather bulky and not that well ventilated compared to my regular riding helmet. That said if I was mainly riding downhill I’d definitely consider using it full-time; but for mixed riding, in particular cross-country (which to be fair it’s not designed for), you may find a bit hot and heavy.

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