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With power on the move now considered a necessity rather than a luxury we wanted to put Powertravellers' Falcon 7 solar panel and Sport power pack to the test.
Best for...
Off-grid, power hungry adventurers
Overall Score
Rugged and durable enough to pass the test of time
No integrated power pack

Using high efficiency monocrystalline cells and with an IPX4 rating and foldable design the Falcon 7 solar powered charger sounds like the ideal companion for off-grid adventures.

The fancy cells, which according to Powertraveller produce 25-30% more power than conventional cells, are encased in a rugged polyester folding case which includes a pouch to hold a power pack in. The unit can be opened and lashed to the outside of your pack using four eyelets, this maximises power harvesting potential on the move. The IPX4 rating means that you can keep going when the heavens open without worrying too much about water ingress, so far so good in this regard.

Weighing 230g plus the weight of a power pack it'll add a bit of shoulder or leg strain to your trip, but it's a worthwhile payoff to be able to charge the multitude of devices the modern-day adventurer needs.

Without an integrated power pack, you'll be left charging directly from the device, but you're much better off storing all that lovely juice in a power pack for use when you need it. We use the excellent Sport, also from Powertraveller, which has a 6700mAh capacity and a rugged and durable design as well as a slightly gimmicky but useful all the same integrated torch.

There's a single USB port which outputs 5v of power, you can charge most of your usual devices from this barring serious DSLR cameras and laptops. The output and speed of charging obviously depends on the strength of the sun, but during testing we found that even in overcast British weather we were able to power our devices with careful planning. Fully charging the Sport Power Pack takes just a few hours and considering that most phones have around 2500mAh battery capacity you'll get 2-3 charges out of it.

Combined with a decent power pack the Falcon 7 is a serious contender when it comes to powering your adventures and £70 is a small price to pay to do it.

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