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We review Pyramid's new 'Trek Ultra' mosquito repellent to see how well this low-DEET, family-friendly bug spray works

Overall Score

New for 2016, Trek Ultra mosquito repellent manages to provide tropical strength protection with a surprisingly low 30% DEET content. The DEET is micro-encapsulated - essentially slow release, which allows the manufacturers to put less of the active ingredient in for the same outcome.

Less DEET means you can apply Trek Ultra to children as young as 2 making this a great option for adventurous young families.

The formula is still 90% effective after 12 hours and is sweat and splash resistant. A 60ml bottle should last around a week if used every day by 2 adults, a larger 120ml bottle is available but this puts you over the 100ml hand baggage allowance for liquids.

If you prefer a low DEET content or you have young children and are heading to the tropics then you should definitely consider putting this highly effective repellent on your packing list.