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Salomon's flagship hydration belt for runners - the Sensibelt - gets the Active Traveller test on the trail.

salomon sensibelt
Best for...
Runners venturing that little further from their home trail
Overall Score
Light, comfy and unobtrusive hydration solution

Wearing a rucksack for running is always going to seem ridiculous to many - however lightweight and breathable it is, you're getting a sweaty back. And how much kit do you need to run anyway? If you'd like to carry a water bottle and maybe a phone without upping your perspiration rate, then a glorified bumbag is worth a look.

And where better to look than veteran runners brand, Salomon. Clad in their familiar wavy branding, and offered in a range of colours to complement your shoes, the Sensibelt is a well-thought out, minimalists dream, with features you didn't know you needed and omissions you'll never miss.

How do you make a belt that stays in place with a kilo of water strapped to it - surely you'd need infinite micro adjustments? Make the whole length of it out of Velcro; problem solved. It is in fact quite remarkable how well the belt conforms to the wearer; the wide foamy construction helps as much as the Velcro.

The zip pocket is very well sized; big enough for most phones or a scrunched up wind shell but not so big it tempts you into carrying unnecessary.

And the triangular prism-shaped bottle is great. The shape helps it sit flush to your body and helps prevent it jiggling around, plus it is entirely free of plastic taste, which is surprisingly rare in 'hydration solutions.' The final brilliant design flourish is the sculpted neck of the bottle holster - stiffened and flared just enough to allow for an effortless replacement post-sup. There is a strip of elastic (presumably a retainer) that can somewhat negate that design and impede replacement, but it's a minor gripe.

The price at first seems high for a belt, but bear in mind the bottle is included. And it's a good bottle. Also consider the years of experience and insight that have gone into the design and you should consider this - as we do - a very worthwhile purchase.

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