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WE review the Silva Cross Trail II torch which will help keep you on the trail now the nights are drawing in

silva cross trail
Overall Score
Great light beam, versatile
Quite heavy

Most of us enjoy more than one outdoor activity, and if you want to run, cycle, mountain bike – or even just camp – in the dark, the Silva Cross Trail II is a great option for lighting up your life.

It has a modular design and can easily be switched between your bonce, helmet or bike handlebars by using the brackets supplied.

There are three light modes (max/med/min) so it’s easy to preserve battery life – max gives you 5hours 30mins battery life, min gives you 30 hours - and you get Silva’s ‘Intelligent Light’ beam which optimises the Cross Trail’s light pattern.

Maximum beam length is 85 metres, with an output of 250 Lumen, and it’s ‘splash proof’ so you can use it in the wet conditions that generally accompany the darker months that are almost upon us.

The Cross Trail II isn’t the lightest torch out there (weight is 130g with four AA batteries) but that’s a minimal issue and it’s only to be expected when you get such great lighting in return – after all, you gotta have the batteries to provide it.

If you want to keep your biking or running going through the winter the Cross Trail II is well worth checking out; or even if you just like a good light source around the campsite year round.

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