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We review the Snowline Spikes Chainsen Pro, designed for pretty much any winter activity that involves walking on snow and ice.

snowline spikes chainsen pro
Overall Score
Secure, safe grip on snow and ice
Slightly fiddly with gloves

Snow Spikes can be fitted quickly and easily and there are no buckles, straps or ratchets involved.

They feature highly durable 1cm stainless steel spikes with chain links between the spikes to prevent balling (note however that these are NOT crampons and should not be used as such).

You put them on by stretching a lightweight elastomer band around the top of your boots/shoes, which goes on pretty easily and stays put once there; it’s also been tested down to -60C so there’s no danger of it cracking or breaking due to the cold.

The band will fit around pretty much any footwear (we used them on winter hiking boots) and because the whole lot packs down into a sturdy little carry case smaller than a paperback book weighing only 370g, they’re easy to carry in your pack, even your pocket.

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