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Strapping the bombproof Specialized Burra Burra Seatpack, Handlebar Harness, Drypack and Framepack to our trusty bikepacking steed, we were unleashed into the Scottish Highlands for an extensive test.
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Regular bikepackers who need long lasting kit
Overall Score
A super tough, all but waterproof set of bikepacking bags
Perhaps a little overengineered if anything, and watch those seatpost restrictions

The Burra Burra range from Specialized is their contribution to the bikepacking luggage market, accompanying their expanding range of excellent adventure bikes and clothing. We got our hands on the Stabilizer Seatpack 10, Handlebar Harness, Drypack 13 and Framepack 5. Between them we could carry pretty much everything, with just a few extras going on our back for longer trips.

The smooth coated nylon material is not only tough but also very easy to clean after particularly mucky outings, with just a quick hose off being enough to do the job. Although Specialized don't claim waterproof properties, instead quoting 'reliable weather resistance' we have slowly built confidence in the fact they don't seem to leak even in sustained wet weather. Even the frame pack with long zips has enough of a storm flap that we haven't encountered leaks, and the rest utilise the roll-top closure system that keeps out pretty much anything short of submersion.

The handlebar harness is an excellent design that allows easy fitting and removal of the dry pack, holding it steady and clear of the bars when riding. This not only reduced cable squashing normally encountered on mountain bikes, but helps with making room for hands on drop bar tops. The seat pack is equally steady once the stabilising bar is attached to post, but it's a fiddly job to fit and remove thanks to the saddle straps. Worth noting is the 27.2 and 30.9mm only fitting for posts, and a warning not to use carbon.

Overall, a cracking, tough set of bikepacking bags that we think will last and last, making them a reasonable value prospect despite the salty price tag.

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