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We review wearable mapping concept SpashMaps' new Make-a-Map service that helps you design your own wearable map.

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A map that you can simply scrunch up between uses. No more folding!
The temptation to blow your nose on it is almost too hard to bear...

It's no wonder SplashMaps made such a (forgive me) splash when they hit the outdoors market with a washable, wearable, all-weather fabric map, featuring licenced, high-resolution cartography for outdoor enthusiasts.

SplashMaps' new Make-a-Map offering takes the concept one step further by allowing you to custom design your own wearable map via its website. The idea is simple: type in a place - anywhere in the world - that you want at the heart of your map, zoom in or out, move the map around to make sure your house or that favourite Munro is in the centre, then give your map a custom name, add it to your cart and pay at check out. It's that simple.

If you've chosen a location in Great Britain for your wearable map, then 10 days later you'll receive your 72cm x72cm square tough polyester mapping with the wonderful full-colour and detail-rich Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 scale cartography (OS Explorer) that outdoors fans have grown to love. At this scale, the map will cover about 15km x 15 km of land area.

If you want a map of Everest - or anywhere else in the world - around your neck, or stuffed in your breast pocket, then SplashMaps will print you a square of International REAL outdoor spec mapping. Printed at 1:40 000 scale, this will give you about 27km x 27km of gorgeous cartography with tight contours, towns, rivers, hill shading, woodland, trails and rights of way.

For just short of £43 you can have your Make-a-Map design made into a SplashMaps' Toob - which is their take on the versatile tubed headgear that can be worn in so many different ways.

Washable, tough and easy to use on the trail, the SplashMap concept is a great innovation in outdoors mapping in itself. Adding the fun and function of the self-customised Make-a-Map feature simply opens up the fascinating world of wearable cartography to everyone, everywhere.

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