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Alf Alderson reviews the Steripen Freedom hand-held water-purifier, a solar powered water purifier that ensures safe, clean drinking water wherever you may travel.

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Clean, safe drinking water guaranteed in under a minute

This really is a ‘must have’ for anyone travelling in areas where the drinking water quality is dodgy. The ‘Freedom’ is a neat little bundle consisting of a Steripen water purifier which can be charged with the associated solar charger to provide up to 40 treatments of tap, well or fresh river/lake water, and you also get a handy BPA-free 0.5 litre water bottle too.

It’s a cinch to use – simply charge the purifier, immerse it into water which will activate an intermittent green light and stir until the light turns permanently green. You can sterilize 160z of water in 48 seconds and the battery and lamp life of the unit allows for up to 16,000 such water treatments.

The water purifier unit can be charged via the solar charger (3-4 hours), using a USB port on a laptop or computer (3-5 hours) or from a wall socket (2-3 hours) and it also has a useful LED flashlight incorporated into the design.

There’s nothing worse than getting ill when you’re travelling, and the kind of diseases you can pick up from dirty drinking water can be life threatening, so this really could be a life saver whether you’re backpacking in the Third World or wild camping in the Alps or Lake District

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