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We test Thule's Motion XL roofbox, which aims to give active families on the move the extra gear-carrying capacity they need.

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Overall Score
Great storage capacity
Wind noise and loss of radio signal

If you have a family and go on holiday in your car - especially on camping trips - then you've probably considered the need for extra luggage capacity in the form of a roof box.

The Thule Motion comes in a variety of sizes from a 'sport' version which is streamlined and aerodynamic to a cavernous 'XXL' which is the size of a small house.

We've tested the 'XL' version which has a storage capacity of 460 litres. This is rather a large roofbox which dominates the roof of our family hatchback test vehicle, to the extent that we lose radio signal with it retrospect a slightly smaller size might have been sensible.

That being said the Motion XL has accompanied us on a number of trips to the Lakes and to the South West of England and has proven to be a very useful accessory for our family. The sheer amount of extra storage space this roofbox gives you is fantastic and with a 75kg load capacity you shouldn't have any problems with weight.

Attaching to the car is straightforward. The box is light enough (if a little unwieldy) to be lifted onto the roof by one person and then clipped in with one hand using the twist dials which have a built in torque indicator which kicks in when the clamps reach a certain torque setting.

You can open the box from either side and the key can only be removed if all of the locking points have been secured saving you those paranoid moments on the motorway.

In use you get a reasonable amount of wind noise, if this bothers you then opt for the smaller profile of the sport version or perhaps the sleek 'Dynamic' model.

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