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The Thule Raceway 992 is a solid, sturdy three-bike carrier from Thule, we review it here.

thule raceway bike carrier review
Overall Score
Solid, sturdy design
Pricier than competition

The body of the Raceway is reassuringly chunky, sturdy and surprisingly heavy. The opening and closing mechanism couldn’t be simpler, you lift two levers, and open the arms up to the correct angle to get a snug fit onto your bumper and rear screen then lock the levers back into place.  The nature of this design allows the Raceway to fold away to a reasonably compact size for storage once you’re done with your two-wheeled adventures.

The next step in the fitting process is the real beauty of the Raceway when compared to its rivals. There are four straps which you simply hook above and below the boot then tension by turning the rachetted dials as far as they’ll go. The whole process is easily completed in less than five minutes and forms a sturdy base on which to mount your steed.

Mounting said steed is as simple as lifting it onto the sculpted, dampened pads and securing using the tough rubber straps. Everything is reassuringly padded and soft so there are no concerns about damaging paintwork on either bike or car.

The 45kg carrying capacity pravctically means three road bikes or reasonably high-end (ie light!) full-suspension mountain bikes but probably only two fully-loaded downhill mountain bikes or electric bikes. The ability to adjust the width of the bars means you can securely carry pretty much any size bike.

It’s worth noting that with a bike loaded the number plate and lights are partially obscured so it would be advisable to use the Raceway with a trailer board.

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