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Sporting a top flite carbon frame and high end components, we test if the Boardman SLR Endurance is the bargain it seems to be.

boardman slr endurance
Best for...
Getting into the sportive game without breaking the bank
Boardman SLR Endurance, C10 Carbon
Boardman SLR Endurance, Carbon, Carbon Tapered Steerer
Shimano Ultegra
FSA Gossamer Pro
Boardman SLR Elite Five
Finishing kit
Boardman Own Brand
Overall Score
Great value with a top quality frame worthy of any upgrades you might fancy

Aimed at the sportive and endurance end of the road cycling market, the Boardman Endurance 9.0 looks like killer value on paper. Using the same C10 carbon frame as their £6000 SLR Signature model, it is easy to see how the Endurance 9.0 could be seen as ripe for upgrading as your riding progresses - in fact the same frame sells for £1200 on its own just a few pages further into the Boardman site. For that extra few hundred pounds they have managed to hang some quality kit off the 9.0 however, with Shimano Ultegra throughout, but for the FSA Gossamer chainset and Boardman SLR Elite Five wheelset.

With that spec it is hard to believe, but this is the entry level Endurance model on the Boardman range - Ultegra entry level? They have always been a great value brand, achieving this by selling direct or through close links with high street retailers. This does mean that not only do you get good value, but there is the opportunity to pop down to a local dealer to try for size. A winning combination in our book.

The result is a terrific value bike with components you would struggle to upgrade unless nit-picking, and a frame that just eats miles. A tall head tube and slightly longer wheelbase than their race frame just adds that little bit of comfort and stability to the mix, but it is still a responsive and hard accelerating beast.

If you are planning some epic rides and want to pluck a bike off the shelf, you will find it hard to improve on the Endurance 9.0. Everything from the beautifully finished carbon frame to the hard-working components has been well thought out and the result is a package that just works well.









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