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We never need much of an excuse to stop for a brew on the trail, so testing this stove, pot and spork kit from Alpkit needed little persuasion.

alpkit mytimug650
Overall Score
A superlight, long lasting kit with the pot and spork providing multiple functions
The stove is a little small to be stable, needing careful use to prevent spillage

Although this lightweight cook kit isn't, strictly speaking, available as a bundle from Alpkit, you are only a few mouse clicks away from throwing it into the shopping basket. Do that and you will have everything you need to cook and eat from (besides the gas canister) weighing in at around 160g. It is all titanium - even the stove body is titanium - with the spork covering both fork and spoon function, and the 650ml mug big enough to eat, drink and cook in. The stove and a 100ml gas canister fits inside the mug for compact storage.

Compact is the perfect description of the Kraku stove too. It is a gadget lover's dream, made from titanium and folding down to the size of an old 35mm film canister (if you can still remember them). It still packs one hell of a punch however, boiling our 650ml mug of water in no time with a jet-engine roar that belies its diminutive stature. It does need careful attention if you aren't to spill your dinner however, with the small supports only giving a narrow base for the pot.

We tend to use the 650ml size of MytiMug, allowing a bit more space for cooking without having to be too delicate, but if you are feeling especially space starved you could opt for the 400ml version. Made of sandblasted titanium it has stood up to many of our trips and continues to look like new, once a bit of elbow grease is applied. It is big enough to cook in, yet small enough to use as a mug, and stuff into a bag easily.

Folding cutlery has an alarming habit of folding at inopportune moments, so we opt for the rigid titanium Tifoon, fully tooled up with a bottle opener and again, all you need when out in the sticks.

The whole kit looks like new - the joy of titanium - even after multiple trips, and we still marvel at the size and weight of this kit every time we crack it out for a brew or trailside meal. Some bits of kit you never bore of, and this kit is one of them.

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