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We take one for the team, testing the Alpkit Koro stove out over endless cups of tea and bowls of noodles in spectacular spots.

alpkit koro stove
Best for...
Any headtorch user who wants to shave some grams and volume.
Overall Score
A great quality, compact and powerful stove that should last and last
A self-ignition option would be nice

We have long been fans of the remote canister design of gas stove. Using a braided hose to transport gas from the 'remote' canister to the burner, rather than perching the burner directly on top of the canister, it allows a much lower functioning height, far less likely to see your dinner spilled with a careless elbow. It also sports wider spreading folding legs able to take large pots with stability and has the controls at the canister rather than underneath the burner - far easier to access.

Alpkit have taken this all a step further with the Koro stove. Not only does it have the advantages of the more stable, low profile design, but they have fashioned it out of lightweight but tough titanium and factored in a brass pre-heat tube. This has the effect of making sure the gas is fully vapourised when it hits the burner, even if it is freezing cold or the canister gets inverted, and - they say - is more fuel efficient.

We certainly had no problems in the significantly sub-zero Scottish conditions we tested our Koro in, burning well despite the freezing open air conditions we challenged it with. The thrifty gas mpg statistic was harder to prove, but we were more than happy with the consumption while boiling our usual endless cups of bothy tea. It was also fast, really fast, compared to some of our other lightweight stoves and we would have no reason to believe it wouldn't carry on almost indefinitely as the build quality and materials were superb.

Once each leg and pot support was folded in, and it was dropped in the supplied bag, it slid neatly into our standard issue 850ml MSR Titan Kettle with plenty room to spare too.

All in all the Koro is a terrific expedition gas stove for many different applications where light weight and the ability to function in the cold is helpful. It is well worth the minimal bulk penalty over a 'screw in' stove design in our opinion, and this has now become our go-to stove for lightweight trips.

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