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We take the Fyrestorm stove from Coleman wild camping on Waun Fach to test its performance.

coleman fyrestorm stove
Overall Score
Great performance at a great price

The Fyrestorm Stove is a small, foldable, lightweight stove designed for backpacking use. It has a Windblock system to withstand higher wind speeds than your average stove, a manual ignition and a carry pouch.

We picked up the Fyrestorm after our Vango Ultralight stove caved under the weight of an oversized pan of pasta being cooked for a group of three wild campers. We wanted something a little more robust but still small and light enough for backpacking and wild camping use.

We took the Fyrestorm out for a winter wild camp up Waun Fach to test its effectiveness in terms of sturdiness and boil times in windy weather.

The construction is chunky and solid with good support for the pan holders allowing you to place plenty of weight on there without too much worry, as a gauge we cooked a pan of pasta for two without any noticeable flex. The arms are locked in place by a twist lock system operated by a nifty looking anodised chunk of aluminium. The connection to the gas canister is also anodised, quite trick looking and most importantly very sturdy and solid.

In a strong breeze the Fyrestorm didn't boil as fast as my hiking partners old and battered Jetboil but that's a given. Considering the wind levels, we would have expected an open stove to struggle with even staying alight but the Fyrestorm's Windblock system did its job much better than other open stoves we've had experience of allowing us to boil water for tea and cooking without waiting hours for the end result.

The weight of 135g is good when compared to other backpacking stoves including the Jetboil which weighs in at a hefty 400g. The price of the Fyrestorm is also a major attraction, in an arena where manufacturers can charge astronomical amounts it's refreshing to see a great product at a reasonable price.

Overall this stove impressed us with it's performance on the hill and didn't make too much of a dent in either our wallet or our backpacks so comes highly recommended.

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