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Does the Coleman Bungee Chair live up to its comfort hype? Is it really worth the upgrade from your standard camping chair? We put it to the test at a family festival in West Wales...
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Garden and campsite lounging
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Incredible armchair comfort
A bit on the large side for carrying long distances

Camping chairs in our family have always been of the cheap and cheerful variety. They've never been particularly well built, good looking or sturdy - and have usually needed replacing within a year or two. But why bother spending money on anything more luxurious? It's only a camping chair - is it really worth the cash? This year we found out that the short answer is yes, it really really is.

With its sturdy frame, eye catching design, breathable fabric and a swivel mounted drinks holder, the Coleman Bungee chair is the camping chair of kings.

We drove right up to our camping spot at the festival, so setting up the chair was as simple as taking the carry bag out of the car, unpacking the chair and opening it up. When you open the chair you can feel the quality and strength of the frame, it's miles ahead of any chair we've owned before.

The fabric is tightly woven and supportive, and we particularly liked the mesh fabric on the back of the chair -it made the chair comfortable to sit on even on the hottest of days.

The arms are padded which added to the armchair effect, and the swivel drinks holder was the icing on the cake! Perfect for our cold beers.

The main weakness we found was that the chair is quite large and could potentially be a pain to carry if you were parked a long way from your camp site. Given the design and structure this issue is pretty unavoidable though and definitely outweighed by the positives.

Overall this chair was so comfortable and stable - we loved it!

The only thing we can think of that would add to this chair would be a reclining feature (maybe we're asking too much?!)

The rrp of the chair is £64.99 and if you'd asked me before we tested it, I would have probably said it was too much for a camping chair. Now I would say it's still a little high - but if you're looking for the pinnacle of supportive comfort and style then this chair is worth it.

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