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Can MSR's Quick 2 cook set achieve camp cooking perfection? We test it to find out.

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So many neat touches
Steep sided plates

The Quick 2 set contains a 1.5L nonstick pot, 2.5L hard-anodized pot, strainer lid, 2 DeepDish™ plates, 2 insulated mugs, and a pot handle.

All of this nestles into the 2.5l pan and is sealed shut using the strainer lid and talon handle which folds over and locks onto the rubber lid handle. This is one of many ingenious design touches in the Quick 2 set. The cups are shaped to maximise the space inside the circular shape of the pan but are still decent to hold and drink out of. The little plastic lids help keep your hot drinks warm as well as stopping spills and the mugs are insulated.

The pan strainer lid has a lip running around the inner circumference, this provides a snug fit onto the larger pan but also works on the smaller pan with the lip sitting on the outside.

The Talon handle is strong and robust despite being lightweight and small, it can easily be swapped between pots mid cook, simply unclip, unhook and clip onto the other pan.

The smaller 1.5l pot is nonstick, you can just about fry in it but the base is small. The larger pot is good for a pasta dish for 3-4 people, we wouldn't recommend frying food in it though as you'll end up with a patty of mush at the bottom in no time.

The plates are somewhat of an anticlimax after all the design brilliance of the rest of the set, they're certainly deep but actually the steep sides can make them quite hard to eat out of.

The whole set weighs in at around 800g, you can choose to adjust this depending on your needs. We've taken the small pan when solo camping or the whole set and supplemented with other bits when camping with the family.

Overall MSR's Quick 2 set is superbly designed. It understands the needs of the outdoor chef, is versatile, and is well built so we think it's worth the asking price of £80.

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