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Decathlon’s in-house camping brand, Forclaz may not be the first company to spring to mind when you’re considering a new ultralight tent.

Decathlon Forclaz MT900 tent
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Ultralight on a budget
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Quality suffers slightly

This 1-person backpacking tent has serious credentials, at least if its specs are to be believed. First up, and perhaps most importantly, the MT900 tips the scales at 1.3kg including pegs and poles. This is excellent for a twin skin 3-season backpacking tent and is only rivalled at this price point by the Alpkit Soloist, and some other trekking pole or single skin tents.

To get a similar design, structure and weight elsewhere you’re looking at spending upwards of £300. On a recent wild camping trip to Scotland, we had the opportunity to directly compare the MT900 to some of these more expensive tents, including a Big Agnes Fly Creek, MSR Freelite, and Vaude Hogan SUL.

In comparison to these tents, the Forclaz M900 features a similar design makeup, with the popular semi free-standing Y-pole dome structure propping up the fly. The MT900 feels as robust as the others, withstanding typical Scottish weather of heavy rain and winds.

The MT900 also compares favourably in the important flysheet (20D) and floor (40D) fabrics, which manage a decent (for ultralight tents at least) 2k waterproofing on the fly and 3k in the floor. Adjustable ventilation panels in the fly bring airflow into the tent through large mesh panels covering the top half of the inner. We were pleased to see that unlike the MSR Freelite the mesh does not extend below the height of a sleeping body, ensuring that wind whipping through the tent at night doesn’t pass directly over your body.

Space inside is a little cramped, with a tapered mummy shape offering 60cm at the head, 70cm at the pelvis and 50cm at the feet. This is optimally efficient in terms of weight and pack size, but it’s worth noting that the MT900 is more cramped inside than the other tents mentioned.

Forclaz MT900 inside

Despite the MT900 having a less than generous sleeping space, the vestibule is large and incredibly useful. It features a generous bathtub floor section for storing bags off wet ground. Whilst this is a really excellent addition, we can’t help thinking that the weight of the groundsheet could have been put to better use making the inner slightly wider.

When comparing the MT900 to much more expensive tents, retailing at around three times the price, you will, of course notice a difference in quality. Things like stitching, zips, hooks, and straps are all built to a lesser degree of perfection. That’s not to say the MT900 is likely to fall apart, and if it does it comes with a 5-year warranty. You should manage your expectations according to your budget though, and accept that the MT900 may be put together in a more haphazard way than some of the more expensive ultralight tents on the market.

As a combination of weight, pack size, sleeping, and storage space the MT900 is practically unrivalled. This makes it an absolute bargain in our eyes. We applaud Decathlon/Forclaz for offering such an accessible entry into the exotic, and usually very expensive ultralight camping gear market and reckon that you should put the MT900 tent on your ultralight list.

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