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We put the behemoth that is the MSR Rendevous Wingtarp 200 to the test to see if it can provide worthy shelter for group camping trips.
msr rendevous
Best for...
Group leaders, communal camping and family camping trips
Overall Score
Amazingly sturdy for such a large surface area
Needs a huge space to pitch in

The MSR Rendevous 200 Wing tarp is designed to be a group shelter for camping, with space for up to 12 people under its 200 sq ft wingspan.

This is probably the most stable large tarp that we've used, the wing shape allowing you to easily pitch it in a wind defying configuration. We tend to use walking poles instead of the poles that come provided, this results in a low head height but provides excellent protection against wind and rain.

In this configuration, you get ample sleeping space for four adults, you can fit many more in if you're just looking for general shelter.

There are plenty of other configurations possible including a three-pole setup, which gives standing height head room when using the 230cm poles provided and pegging your guylines out so the wings are near horizontal.

The weight of the tarp, guylines and pegs is a reasonable 1.8kg, the poles add just under 1.2kg and are large and bulky so if you're backpacking we'd recommend utilising walking poles instead.

You can feasibly sleep under this tarp although the sheer size of it makes it highly susceptible to wind so we would recommend also having a decent bivvy bag with you, just in case. Having said that, we've weathered a massive storm under the Rendevous 200 in a low configuration and although it flapped about a bit it didn't budge. This is testament to the excellent design of both the tarp and the MSR Groundhog pegs provided.

Overall this is an excellent tarp for group camping that provides a fantastic communal area to shelter under. The strong and sturdy design means that it'll probably last for as long as you'll be camping for. At £260 it's clearly a big investment, but if you can envisage a use for it then it's probably worth it.

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