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We review MSR's second generation wind-defying camping stove, the Windburner

msr windburner stove
Overall Score
Packs up really neatly including gas canister
Handle is a bit tight

Wind is the bane of every camper's cooking efforts, with the heating efficiency of some stoves impaired so much by a bit of movement of air that they never even manage to boil a pan of water at all.

MSR's Windburner - formerly known as Windboiler - tackles this problem with a high-tech enclosed radiant burner, which is almost entirely impervious to outside weather conditions.

And it works, just as it says on the tin, with a 1 litre boiling time of well under five minutes in temperate UK conditions - regardless of how windy it is.

Once you've bought your IsoPro 110g fuel canister, you get is an entire cooking system, with pot, lid, cup, burner and canister stand included in one compact package.

Although tight, the handle on the mug works well, with the heat-resistant insulating jacket making the mug holdable with bare hands the instant your brew is boiled.

Another thoughtful touch is the that lid fits the included half-litre mug as well as the cooking mug, and both have measurement markings.

After your meal or brew, the burner, folding gas canister stand and unscrewed gas canister all neatly stow inside the cup itself.

Optional, but very cool, extras include a stove hanging kit, and a coffee press - the latter making the Windboiler a must-carry on even day-walks.


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