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A kettle is such a simple but vital piece of equipment for anyone who loves a brew, we review the 'foldable' Outwell Collaps to see if it can give you that home from home feel.

outwell collaps kettle
Overall Score
Feels like a proper kettle but packs down for storage

The unique selling point of the Collaps kettle is, you guessed it, that it collapses for storage. Push down on the top and the rubber band across the middle collapses resulting in a 3 inches high package, which fits nicely into the corner of a duffle bag. Simply pull the top of the kettle up when you're ready to use it again and it pops back up - genius.

Other than that, it bears all the hallmarks of a quality kettle from home. It feels weighty and sturdy in your hand and the thick, polished stainless steel base and top add a touch of modern style.

The 1.5 litre capacity is similar to that of a home kettle and anyone worried about the rubber shouldn't be as its BPA free. The Collaps is dishwasher safe and it's certainly worth running it through when you get home from your trip to stop any unwanted spores developing in storage.

The Collaps is available in a range of modern, bright and funky colours which elevate it further away from your standard camping kettle.

We now wouldn't be without the Collaps kettle for family camping trips and will be investing in more items from the Collaps range.

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