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We review the bestselling Outwell Posadas double camp bed, a popular option among the camping community.

outwell posadas double camp bed
Overall Score
A comfortable well-built bed
Heavy, too big for anything but a large family tent

Since we first reviewed this bed back in 2014 self inflating mats or SIMs have become the popular choice for a comfortable and warm night's sleep, so how does six years of extra camping experience and an extra 40 quid on the price affect our original review?

The Posadas double camp bed is still a bestseller six years later so it must be doing something right, and you would think that would be providing a good night's sleep for the owner. 

We still own this bed and have recommended it to a few people who prefer sleeping off the ground over the years, and that's where its major strength lies.

If you have bad joints or simply don't like the idea of being on the ground then a self inflating double camp bed is hard to justify, and inflatable mats that raise the user off the ground are cold and largely uncomfortable. 

Back in 2014 we remarked on how well-built the Posadas was, and this sentiment remains as it still looks nearly new after all these years.

Folded, it weighs 13.5kg and measures 20x27x97cm so it's about the same size as a generously thick double self inflating mat but a fair bit heavier - not a problem if you're taking the car which realistically you will be with this kind of set up. 

As with any other fabric raised camp bed you sleep inside a divot for want of a better word, I find this comfortable, my wife not so much! A metal bar down the middle of the bed prevents rolling into each other in the night but also any likelihood of night time cuddles.

The soft, padded, built in pillows add a little extra comfort but we find this to be a bit of a token gesture, the luxury seeker will still want to bring pillows.

Make no mistake this is a camp bed for a , the height is great for that home-from-home feeling and easily getting in and out of bed, but if your tent tapers or the sleeping pod is low then you might find your nose touching the canvas.

The other potential downside is the complete lack of insulation from the cold air beneath you, self inflating and insulated inflatable camp beds have much better night time warmth in comparison to the Outwell Posadas double camp bed, so we would recommend placing a quilt or sleeping bag beneath you before laying down.

Overall we would still recommend the Outwell Posadas if you prefer a double camp bed that is raised off the ground, it's well-built, durable and reasonably comfortable.

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