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We put the Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set to the test during an autumnal wild camp

Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock
Best for...
Woodland bivvy-lovers, bushcrafters, fast-packers and more
Overall Score
High-quality manufacture and design
A touch on the heavy side

To begin with, let's clarify what the "Ultimate Set" consists of as opposed to the standalone hammock: firstly, a version of the Trace hammock with an integrated mosquito net and carabiners for hanging. Secondly, the daisy-chain straps for wrapping around trees. And finally, a decent sized tarp with guylines and pegs.

Considering the price of separate components from other brands, this Ultimate Hammock Set represents good value for money. Moreso when you factor in Robens' reliable high-quality production. There is simply no doubting the integrity of the materials, the stitching and the functionality of any of the constituent parts, which is very comforting when swinging - asleep - from a tree.

The flip side of solidity is often weight, and granted, there are lighter set-ups available. The daisy-chain attachments are particularly heavy-duty, and seasoned knot-tiers might prefer their own paracord rigging. The simple loops are perfect for beginners though.

Having a removable bug net would also have given the option of losing weight when not needed, and would have equally improved the hammock's versatility.

Minor gripes aside, the system packs down small into a stuff sack (or into three separate, included stuff sacks - one of which is integrated into the hammock itself - which helps with packing) and somehow feels much less than its stated 1840 grams.

In practice it is a comfortable hammock to sleep in, and doesn't squeeze you as much as some - at least not with a fairly chunky sleeping mat inside (the Mountain Equipment Glacier 5). The bug net does add a little to the semi-inevitable claustrophobia (inherent in hammock sleeping) and is prone to condensation.

Finally the muted colours and minimalist design make this a perfect set for stealth camping and backpacking, as well as a sturdy bushcraft basecamp. Great quality and great value.

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