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We review Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP tent.

Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP
Best for...
Couples and adventurous families
Aluminium Yunan poles
Overall Score

The wolf moon feels slightly different from your traditional family tent. it has a more organic look that blends in with the countryside thanks to an olive green and tan outer. Hydrotext polycotton fabric maintains a much more comfortable climate inside the tent than your typical plastic tent fabric. This is the same fabric that Robens use in their popular Klondike bell tents and it genuinely does make the feeling inside the tent much nicer, especially after a typically humid British summer's night where you might find your tent and belongings feel a little bit clammy in the morning. So the Wolf Moon feels like it's designed to be more organic and more at one with the countryside that you park it in rather than a blight on the Landscape but what of its size and practicality? 

As a family tent, this isn't massive but for a couple it's generous. The main sleeping area has a divider between giving one bedroom a fairly generous 120cm width for two and the other a rather stingy 160cm width for three, that's a squeeze for anyone even in lightweight camping terms. We think the space is better suited to a couple in the larger bedroom, giving space for a double bed and a bit of room on either side of the bed, with two kids in the small bedroom.

The double bedroom features blackout fabric to allow you to sleep longer. This isn't as claustrophobic as some, matching the airy feeling of the rest of the tent. There is plenty of ventilation through the bedrooms through mesh on the entrance doors and vents top and bottom of the rear fabric. The bedrooms also feature useful storage pockets.

There's a small amount of living space in front of the bedrooms. At 1.8m deep and with a generous standing room there’s space to move around, get changed, and relax. The wolf moon TC features a door on either side of this living area plus the front of the tent opens up fully to reveal a small porch area. This offers a bit of shade from the sun and protection from the rain when you enter the tent. One of the side doors can be propped open to offer another porch area using poles (sold separately) and guy lines. 

As a poled tent the Wolf Moon is never going to be as easy to pitch as an air tent, but the upside of this is you get very little hassle from the Yunan Alloy poles in terms of maintenance or longevity. Obviously, big aluminium poles are going to weigh more than air-filled chambers, and this contributes to the overall heft of the tent when it's packed. Although the overall packed size isn't massive, the weight is fairly hefty at 24kg, giving you a bit of a workout to lift the tent between the car and the pitch. Pitching though, is fairly easy, with no particular dramas, although it does help to have two people, one to hold sections of the tent up while you peg it out creating the stability of the structure. With a bit of practice, the Wolf Moon TC takes around 15 minutes to pitch. All the pegging points, guy lines, poles, and sleeves are high quality, durable, and should last for many years. That is what you should expect from a top brand like Robens. 

Overall, this is a great tent for couples and adventurous families who prefer to spend their time outdoors rather than inside their tents. Having said that the environment inside the Wolf Moon is very comfortable thanks to the polycotton fabric, and the large external doors on three sides of the living area making for an airy, indoor/outdoor feeling.

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