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If you're going camping with your car and have plenty of space available go for the most comfortable sleeping experience possible, which the Vango Comfort 10 Double sleeping mat might well provide. We review it here to find out.
comfort 10 double
Overall Score
Luxuriously comfortable
It's huge

The Vango Comfort 10 Double is a self-inflating mat that provides 10cm of sumptuous air filled foam to rest your weary body on.

Let's get this over with straight away, it's huge. And I don't mean Queen sized bed huge I mean struggle to fit it in to a large roof box huge. The quoted packed dimensions are 67cm x 35cm but good luck ever getting it back to that size after first unpacking and using it.

We opted to replace the stuff sack with a couple of luggage straps which do a fine job of keeping the rolled up bed under control, but thanks to it's massive-ness and generally unwieldy nature you'll still be cursing it every time you pack it. Once you get to the campsite though you'll be patting yourself on the back for making such an astute buying decision.

Why? Well, we're yet to experience a more comfortable night in a tent. Stick an Egyptian Cotton sheet over the top of the Comfort Double, adorn it with thick, fluffy pillows and your best duvet, squint one eye and you could well be back in your bedroom catching some z's. The Comfort 10 is also reasonably warm to sleep on, especially when compared to air beds which can be positively brisk during chilly spring and autumn nights.

Having almost the same sized sleeping platform as a standard UK double is great - you don't have to elbow your partner out of the way any more than you normally would. Another plus is that the non-slip base stops the mat from migrating into a dark corner of the tent at the slightest signs of a slope.

The Comfort 10 Double has had a year of sustained use from the Active Traveller team so far and we can safely say that it's durable enough to warrant the £110 price tag.

In conclusion, if comfort is your main concern, the Comfort 10 Double might well be the camping mat for you.

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