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We put the Vango Galaxy 300 to the test to see if it's as adventure ready as it claims.
vango galaxy
Overall Score
Great front vestibule
A shade on the heavy side

The principle behind the Galaxy 300 is sound, it can be a bit of a struggle getting changed, sorting gear out and cooking in a low dome or tunnel tent so why not add a standing height vestibule at the front?

This is the real selling point of the Galaxy 300, a generously proportioned porch which is seriously bright thanks to a number of windows and a skylight all of which have toggled curtains for privacy or to keep the light out when you need to.

187cm at the peak is standing height for most and the generous floor space gives you plenty of room for two to sit and chew the cud or prepare a meal in. The front vestibule can also be used to store bikes and other outdoor equipment in which makes the Galaxy 300 a particularly versatile small tent.

The tension band system makes a valiant effort at keeping the tent stable but the high vestibule is always going to be somewhat susceptible to damage from the wind.

In terms of construction the Galaxy 300 sits in Vango's trekking range so the materials used are plenty strong and durable enough for short trips out into the fringes of the wilderness. Having said that, the 5.6kg weight would make it tricky to carry between anything less than three people if you're laden down with other kit.

The sleeping space in the Galaxy 300 is generous which is fairly unusual for a tent these days! With 180cm to play with you can fit three luxurious sleeping mats side by side in the sleeping space. Other than that it's a fairly unremarkable space aside from a few pockets for storing essentials in.

The stuff sack is 'Fast pack' which roughly translates to 'big'. We like this as you can use the compression straps to cinch it down and there's no frustration with feeling like you're trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

Overall, the Galaxy 300 addresses a common problem and is a sound idea implemented well.

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