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We put Vaude's latest update to the Terra range of tents to the test, the Terrahogan 2p.

Best for...
Adventurous couples or occasional bushcraft use.
Overall Score
Fast pitching and robust materials
A tad heavy

Vaude have re-launched their classic Terra range of backpacking tents for summer 2017, the highlight of the range is the new Terrahogan 2p on test. This is the rebirth of the original Hogan tent originally launched in 1990.

The Terrahogan 2p features the innovative 'Mark' external suspension system, has mini poles stitched into the flysheet to boost internal volume and a porch for storing gear and cooking in.

The Terrahogan 2p pitches simultaneously (both inner and fly together) this allows you to put the tent up in the rain without the inner getting wet. Shockcord links the poles to the flysheet via hooks, this is an easy system to use and, coupled with the simultaneous pitching, the Terrahogan is really quick to go up.

Internally the tent tapers in at the foot end both in width and height so there's no chance of sleeping top and tail. The head end is generous though with 125cm of width and 95cm of height which is easily enough to sit up in. The two sewn in poles at the foot end make the walls almost vertical giving a feeling of additional space.

The porch isn't overly generous, but you can squeeze a couple of backpacks in there and zips on both sides allow you to open one side up for cooking while the other remains closed, protecting against the weather.

Ventilation is good through a mesh panel in the door of the inner, you can also leave the porch zips slightly open at the top thanks to a peak in the flysheet, this lets a good amount of fresh air into the tent.

The Terrahogan isn't particularly light for its size, being of polyester construction but this keeps the price down to a very reasonable £280. There are much lighter alternatives out there including the excellent Vaude Power Lizard SUL range but you get into a completely different realm of cost then.

As a tent for an adventurous couple who are happy to share the reasonably small inner space, but also the weight between them, the Terrahogan is a compelling option. The thick flysheet and floor materials are also well suited to occasional bushcraft use and the polyester inner is arguably better for the changeable UK climate than a mesh inner.