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With its heavy fabric and extensive weather proofing, we took the Altura Five/40 waterproof jacket into the sleet for some serious testing.
five40 waterproof jacket f burgundy
Best for...
Getting out into sleety winter days knowing you will survive in comfort
Overall Score
Bombproof weatherproofing and very warm in winter weather
Not easily packed away, and too warm for year round use making it a little specialised

There is no mistaking the purpose of this Altura heavyweight as soon as you pull it on. Solid, durable fabrics, extensive storm proofing features and a purposeful hood all shout 'extended bad weather proofing' in a loud voice.

With that in mind it isn't one to pack in your back pocket 'just in case' as the bulk is a little impractical, but as an all-day waterproof workshorse it excels in our book. We used it on days where we put it on as we left on a ride and it only came off when we finished the day. It is, however, a tad warm for the summer months, even with the ventilating pit zips. It's most at home in sleety British winter conditions where the high collar, adjustable cuffs and hem come together to block out any draughts or water ingress.

Our only concern is the main zip which, although waterproof, we felt could do with a storm flap to keep lashing rain out. Waterproof zips are rarely without their leaks, and as everything else in this jacket is built to resist long term poor weather, it would be a reassuring addition. We didn't encounter any leaks on test, but then we didn't get the chance to ride in any all-day torrential rain either.

Other than that, the zipped chest pockets are handy for small items, the fabric durable for all-day use and the removable hood is an excellent addition. We prefer a hood that goes over our helmets which this one does - just - on more compact models, but at least it can be removed if it doesn't work out for you.

Verdict: A very effective, heavy hitter in the waterproof category that braves the worst of weather but comes in a little heavy on the scales and could be overkill for summer rain.

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