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Adding a layer when you want to cool down is counter-intuitive, so we test if the Craft Mesh Superlight really can do just that.

craft coolmax mesh
Overall Score
It really does help sweat evaporate faster, cooling hot rides
You wouldn't want to wear it in public...

It may sound counter-intuitive to say that by adding a layer you are going to help with cooling, but that is exactly what a good baselayer can do if it is designed for the purpose. The Craft Cool Mesh Superlight is just that, an airy light, sleeveless open weave mesh designed for wearing under a thin jersey in warm weather.

Craft are well known for their excellent baselayers, with their Active Extreme model being our favourite thin yet effective and cosy baselayer for cooler weather. Pulling this sleeveless number on was a bit of an anti-climax - you barely feel it on. At 60g for our large it barely troubles the digital scales, and yet it certainly has an effect.

Admittedly we haven't had too much in the way of hot weather during the test - we are in Scotland after all - but any time the thermometer started to rise it came into its own. Under a light road shirt it removed the whole 'sticky jersey' feel when working out hard, just keeping a layer of air and virtually undetectable between our skin and the polyester garment. Wind could pass straight through of course, cooling nicely, and all that wicked sweat spread out into the mesh just helped with the cooling more as it evaporated. Strange to say, but it all made perfect sense after just one warm - not even hot - ride.

The Superlight is an excellent addition to our summer wardrobe, and if you don't believe us when we say it actually cools you, just go get one and try it yourself. Maybe just don't wear it in public...







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