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A durable, stylish and high-performing shirt for the adventure traveller, read our review of the Craghoppers Nosilife Adventure Shirt to find out more.

Best for...
Adventure travellers, weekend warriors and office desk dwellers
Overall Score
A great all-round package for travellers

Craghoppers' Nosilife range has been a staple of the wild adventurers' sartorial diet for what seems like eons, and it's done so by answering the needs of the adventure traveller and weekend warrior alike. Value, durability, comfort and performance have always been key features of the line. On top of this, and the reason for the Nosilife name, is the impermeable nature of the material, providing a permanently woven-in defence against airborne critters who like nothing better than to nibble on your skin. A first defence like this is a winner in gnat and mosquito ridden countries and it really works.

We really dig the seasoned traveller looks of the range and have a particular soft spot for the Adventure shirt. It appeals aesthetically on many levels and hits the sweet spot between technical outdoor clothing and something that you can (and we do) wear into the office.

You'll find the fit airy but not baggy, just loose enough to give a neat airspace between your skin and the material. We love how the material feels, it's very soft and therefore comfortable and the shirt is also lightweight so doesn't weigh you, or your luggage down.

Wearing this shirt in all weathers is a joy. In the searing heat it helps control moisture by wicking and breathing and the material also boasts UPF 50+ sun protection. At the back you'll find discreet air vents which don't ruin the sleek lines too much but really help you to stay cool in warm weather. Although not designed for British winters we've found the material warm when worn with a t-shirt thanks to its durable thickness and that relatively tight weave.

Movement through the arms and shoulders is spot on and feels right in a way that so many shirts don't. Adventure tech is found in spades here as well, but mostly hidden behind the intrepid explorer exterior. The collar has a neat double fold up which, when down looks like any other shirt collar but when up gives the neck sun and mossie protection. There are also some discreet zipped security pockets that you wouldn't even know were there if you weren't looking hard enough.

The Nosilife Adventure shirt is also an easy-going shirt to live with thanks to genuine wash and wear simplicity and fast drying times, making for a truly fuss free care regime. Which neatly rounds off a shirt that should have perennial appeal to any avid travellers looking for clothing to take them into the unknown while lasting the distance.