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Simple, practical, durable and great value, we review Craghoppers' Nosilife Cargo Trousers

Best for...
Hikers, adventure travellers and everyday outdoorsman.
Overall Score
Great combination of features
Inside waist button can cause discomfort

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Craghoppers have been at the forefront of travel clothing for decades and are well regarded for offering durable clothing at a fair price with all the bells and whistles that the avid adventurer could need.

We love the simple practicality and good looks of the Nosilife range, not to mention the permanently woven in insect repellent which does a surprisingly good job of fending off biting insects like gnats and mosquitos.

We recently reviewed the Nosilife Adventure long sleeve shirt and loved it, so were hoping for more goodness when the Nosilife Cargo Trousers landed on our doorstep. Initial impressions are of a sturdy and reliable pair of trousers, maybe that doesn't sound too exciting, but you really need clothing that you can trust when you're on your travels and looking to be as active as possible and trust the Nosilife Cargo Trousers you can.

On the face of it the material weave is tight, which is both a positive and a negative. On the one hand, although summer weight, it's very durable and resists snagging and tearing impressively well. There's also a modicum of wind resistance and UPF50 + sun protection - very handy for warmer climates. On the other hand, there isn't really any stretch, but Craghoppers have successfully got around this problem by sewing in articulation at the knees, so you can move around freely.

There are some really neat travel friendly touches around the trousers including a first for us - a handy drybag in the left cargo pocket attached to sewn in webbing, great for keeping vital documents and money safe and dry. In addition, there's a zipped pocket to the outside of the cargo pocket and another cleverly hidden zipped security pocket on the right-hand pocket. The zipped pockets, hand pockets and two Velcro sealed rear pockets all have airy mesh backings, making for great ventilation around the potentially sweaty top half of the trousers, and with all pockets opened up it almost feels like you're wearing shorts.

We've found the waistband generally comfortable thanks to a soft, wicking backing material and stretchy sides. The waist is fastened by buttons on both the inside and the outside, making for a super secure fit, but the inner button can get uncomfortable if you're on the limit of sizing. To solve this, you can simply remove it leaving you with a standard outer button which works perfectly well on its own.

As with other Nosilife products the Cargo Trousers wick sweat and breathe well, which is exactly what you want when you're trekking around in searing heat. They also weigh a paltry 305g despite the durable material and decent pocket count making them perfect for chucking into a weekend suitcase or backpack. Wash and wear simplicity and fast drying times means that you needn't be afraid of taking these on longer trips either, in hot weather you can give them a quick spruce up and have them back on your legs looking great within a matter of hours.

Craghoppers continue to impress with their considered approach to travel clothing, blending value, durability, practicality and looks into a great all-round package. The Nosilife Cargo Trousers certainly don't let the side down.

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