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A truly rugged customer, we test the Endura MT500 to see if it can still perform while protecting on the trail.

endura mt500 jersey
Best for...
Trail and enduro mountain biking
Overall Score
Rugged features that should help durability

Aimed at trail and downhill riders, this long sleeve jersey from Endura has been built tough, with a few features that make it stand out from the regular line up. Rugged and abrasion resistant fabric is used across the shoulders, to help reduce the effects of trail pack wear, and on front of the sleeves below the elbow. The latter is no doubt to help with barging branches or similar. A small zipped pocket just big enough for a key and cash or small phone sits to one side. The rest of the body is made up of thin and breathable mesh type polyester for cooling.

Pulling the MT500 on before the first ride we found the fit to be a nice compromise between a baggy downhill style and the more close fitting trail cut, with enough room to move around and even fit armour underneath without being too flappy once up to speed. Sleeve length was perfect for us, and the overall fit on the bike was just right. Now and again the back would ride up after heavy technical steeps but then every jersey we have own does the same, and a silicone gripper or elastic just wouldn't fit with the style.

Silicone print at the shoulder did a good job of holding onto our hydration pack straps and while we didn't have cause to test the abrasion resistance on the sleeves, it is a much coarser fabric with far less stretch to be 'speared' by a branch.

A well specced jersey with intelligent detailing, tough fabrics where it counts and breathable and stretchy ones where it doesn't.


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