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The Singi Winter Jacket is a classic example of the Fjällräven brand, which is known for its high quality products, combining traditional looking materials with retro styling.

Overall Score
Love the classic Fjallraven styling and very comfortable fit
Wont be fully waterproof in a downpour

The Winter Jacket is the mid-weight model in Fjällräven's classic Singi range, one step up from the Trekking Jacket, which acts as a canvas shell, and one below the Singi Down Jacket for the truly bitter days. We really liked this 'lightly padded' compromise - perfect for shoulder season hikes or layering up during the winter.

The jacket is constructed with a combination of Fjällräven's Original and G1000 Heavy Duty fabrics, the latter being used on the harder wear areas such as the shoulders and lower back. Both materials are a mix of man-made fibres and cotton, and offer a 'natural' feel, together with a high degree of breathability, and a quiet rustle-free wearing experience. The end result is a garment with a classic feeling, somewhat removed from the plethora of 'shiny nylon' jackets currently around. The rather restrictive choice of available colours (grey or blue) re-enforces the retro vibe.

It's also possible to treat the jacket with Fjällräven's Greenland Wax to provide additional water resistance, but it will never be fully waterproof. Better suited to British drizzle than torrential downpours.

The Singi is a good length, coming down to mid-thigh, and the cut of the jacket is generous so that it can accommodate mid-layers underneath and it. In fact, it's so generous, that it almost feels like a jacket a whole size larger than it claims to be in comparison to other coats from this brand. Bear this in mind and make sure you get the correct size for the amount of layering you like to wrap up in.

Not one to forgo the little touches, Fjällräven has made sure the jacket boasts a generous number of pockets including a small one on the arm, and what is termed a 'technical' hood. The latter, when fully deployed is so deep that the feel is that of peering out from a fur-lined tunnel, though this can be adjusted and if desired the fur trimming may be removed completely.

All in all, we liked this jacket a lot, though it does defy characterisation. In some ways it is easier to say what it isn't rather than what it is: it isn't fully waterproof, and the degree of insulation is insufficient (on its own) for extreme conditions. It also isn't really lightweight but isn't too heavy. If you are on the lookout for a well made multi-functional, everyday winter coat with a number of attractive features, the Fjällräven Singi Winter Jacket is well worth a closer look.